REVIEW: Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack!

I acquired a lot of music yesterday, almost 400 tracks, including the Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack. I also made my first music download purchase yesterday from where I bought the old Lostprophets album, the new Social Code album, and Fefe Dobson’s single “Don’t Go”. The experience wasn’t as bad as I expected 🙂

Anyway, get the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack! It’s really, really good! There is a total of 15 tracks on the disc, and the overall sound is loud rock. My two favorite songs so far are “We Are” by Ana, and “Ordinary” by Train. Some other great ones are “Lucky You” by lostprophets, “Gifts And Curses” by Yellowcard, and “Did You” by Hoobastank. Another track that is quite good is “Vindicated” by Dashboard Confessional. You can see the full track listing here.

I am really glad the soundtrack is great because the movie is sure to be amazing! Like I said the overall sound is loud rock, but unlike The Punisher OST, this one is energetic and upbeat for the most part. One surprise would be Maroon 5’s “Woman”, which sounds like the Maroon 5 you would expect, so it sounds slightly out of place with the louder songs around it. All in all, excellent soundtrack!

I also got the new Velvet Revolver album yesterday, Contraband, and it is really good too! Definitely recommended.

[Listening to: We Are – Ana – Spider-Man 2 (03:55)]


After getting back into town tonight I went to BP’s with Dickson and Andrew. After dinner we met Megan and Nick at the theater to see the new movie Dodgeball.

If you only see one comedy over the summer, see this movie! (well, see Shrek2 also, but this one rocked). It is the funniest movie I have seen in a long time – I was laughing so hard at one point I couldn’t see the screen anymore because of the tears welling up in my eyes!

I kind of expected this one to be a trailer-movie, but don’t be fooled. The trailer is extremely funny, but its just the tip of the iceberg! The movie is full of many more funny scenes and sequences. Like Andrew said, whoever wrote the script for this movie was a genius.

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!

Victoria Trip: Days #4 & #5

So I am writing this a little after the fact, but that’s what happens when the work starts! Friday was a busy day, and extremely hot in Victoria. The temperature outside was easily over 30 again, so it was kind of nice to have air conditioning all day! My job consisted of taking pictures of the various presenters and events, selling CSLA t-shirts, and doing the minutes for the two AGM’s that were held at the end of the day.

After the meetings ended, Martin, Jenninfer, Toni (Jenn’s friend) and I went for dinner at the house of one of Jenn’s past graduate students. We had delicious salmon off the barby and went through about four bottles of wine. It was delicious!

This morning was early as I had to be at the conference center for 8:30. After locating the t-shirts and getting them put away safely I basically got to enjoy the free food, take pictures, and listen in on the sessions until noon. My flight left Victoria at 2, and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. Such wonderful weather!

All in all it was a great trip for me – more relaxing than work which is nice for a change. Victoria is definitely a place I would visit again!

Victoria Trip: Day #3

Ah the last day of rest before the work begins! Today was another relaxed day. I met Martin at noon and we went for lunch and wandered around downtown, checking out the various shops and eateries. Eventually we decided to cross the bridge and check out the view from the very swank Delta hotel – awesome view, facing the Empress and legislature buildings. We took the ferry back which was neat.

After relaxing in the hotel for a bit it was time for dinner and we just checked out a little cafe and had salad. Much too hot out to eat anything too heavy. After going with no Starbucks for the first part of the trip I hit two different ones today! Nothing like a good Frappucino on a hot day 🙂

Tomorrow I being my role as cameraman/secretary. Should be interesting! I just hope the conference center is air conditioned!

Victoria Trip: Day #2

Second day in Victoria, hooray! It was an absolutely beautiful day, sunny and warm (around 27) and every now and then a very slight breeze to make it comfortable. As I said, it was a sleep-in day, so I met Martin and Jennifer at their hotel at noon.

We decided to borrow the 4Runner of one of Jennifer’s friends and just spent the day exploring. We drove all the way up the east coast of the city and a bit further north and saw the incredible views, homes and gardens. Just insanely gorgeous homes and manicured gardens. Then we crossed the island and went to one of the Provincial Parks, right on the ocean. It was so nice Jenn and Martin started paying attention to the real estate for sale!

We went for dinner at an Italian restaurant in the city and then just relaxed in the hotel. On my way back from their place I tried to go to Starbucks (about 9:30 here) but it was closed!! What kind of Starbucks (besides the one in Barcelona) closes so early?! This is the west coast for crying out loud, home of the non-stop coffee drinkers. I am thinking it might be because it is in the Chapters (think Whyte ave Chapters upstairs) so I will use MapPoint a little later to find another one.

Tomorrow is another relax day before the work of Friday and Saturday, so Martin and I are going to go exploring. The only work I did today consisted of Jennifer handing me my Press Pass for the conference 🙂

Victoria Trip: Day #1

Today was my first day in Victoria, and what a day it was! First of all, very early morning, but that’s okay as it gave me a chance to cram more into the day. The weather here is awesome compared to Edmonton – nice and sunny, no rain!

After arriving in Victoria, Jennifer, Martin and I went to the Butchard Gardens. The garderns were simply amazing. I have never seen so many flowers, so big, so lush, it was crazy. Even the grass was bright green, very dense, and perfectly cut. I swear the couple people operating lawnmowers we saw were just for show!

Next we went downtown and walked around the harbor. We went for lunch at Barb’s, a fish and chip shop – delicious! I dont know why they ask if you wanted the fish deep fried or grilled, no one I saw ordered grilled. That’s just not fish and chips!

My hotel is not comparable to the one I had in Seattle, but keep in mind that Microsoft paid for the other one. This one is also free, so I won’t complain, but it doesn’t have high speed Internet! I swear it should be a law for all hotels to have Internet access. In any case, I fired up MapPoint and found a cyber cafe 90 meters from the hotel (actually a combination of MapPoint and the Yellow Pages), and it turned out to be an awesome find. Internet access is only $3 per hour!

Tonight was dinner at Milestones, a restaurant somewhat similar to Earls. This particular Milestones was situated right on the harbor, across the street from the Empress Hotel and down the street from the Legislature buildings. Dinner was excellent, and it was awesome to see everything lit up at night.

Tomorrow is a sleep-in day, then the afternoon is free, so I suppose we’ll find something to do! And yes Megan, I plan to visit the chocolate store tomorrow 🙂

Trip to Victoria!

So in a few hours my plane leaves for Victoria, BC! I am there until Saturday for meetings and vacation. The meetings are for a website I look after, SLIC Online at

Part of my job for the week is to take pictures and cover the happenings, so I will probably have some pictures to post! Oh, and as this is my first time to Victoria, if you have been there and can suggest something I should check out, I’d appreciate it! I am scheduled to see the gardens after arriving, but thats it so far!

Outsourcing the Church!

So have you heard about the recent outsourcing debates? Is it good, is it bad, will you lose your job? Well if you haven’t its a pretty big issue right now – North American companies are outsourcing work to firms and individuals in the Middle East, Asia, and other places because it is cheaper. Personally, I am in favor of outsourcing as I believe it will allow us to move one notch higher again in the world of international economics.

In any case, this post is about the Church outsourcing. Hey if telemarketers trying to sell you fake savings in your long distance phone plan can do it, surely the world’s oldest and most successful sellers of the fake can do it! Interesting story in the New York Times:

With Roman Catholic clergy in short supply in the United States, Indian priests are picking up some of their work, saying Mass for special intentions, in a sacred if unusual version of outsourcing.

I can just see the lawsuits now…”Man sues church after finding out the sermon he attended was performed by employees in India!”…LOL!