Need sleep? Weak!

Yes that’s right, sleep is for the weak! I went to sleep at around 9:30 this morning…for the first time! Yep another all nighter, and I woke up around 5 this afternoon. You’d be surprised at how much you can accomplish if you don’t sleep.

What was I working on? Various projects, for example you can now see our DotNetWizards XOP site in all of its glory! Check it out, and when you have questions (as I am sure you will) msg me and I can explain a little better. Information on the site is somewhat sparse as our entry is being judged this week, so we don’t want to give too much away.

It was quite warm out today too, 24 degrees, but I was sleeping so I missed it 🙂

Exams are over!

The last two days have been very busy! Yesterday was some good times at the plant with Dickson, Andrew and Greg, and then pool and fooseball. I owned at the former, sucked at the latter. Then last night we had a dinner at Boston Pizza for Megan’s birthday which was a lot of fun. There was quite a few people there, and it was nice to see everyone together – it doesn’t happen as often anymore. Thanks to everyone who was able to make it. Oh and for the record, the communists lost.

Today was YiLi’s BBQ at whorelack park. Fortunately the weather stayed nice long enough for some baseball and food 🙂 I learned very quickly that it is Springtime – need to take my Claritin with me!

William Hung Album Downloaded!

So tonight I downloaded the William Hung album entitled “Inspiration” just for kicks. I wasn’t sure if I would consider the download worth it, but after listening to a couple songs, the power of this comedy is overwhelming I have decided that it is definitely worth it!

On the other hand my ears are bleeding from this song, so horribly, terribly, bad…and you can’t help but laugh!

[Listening to: I Believe I Can Fly – William Hung – Inspiration (04:45)]

RE: Portable numbers not seen as imminent

Looks like we’re going to have to wait a while to switch to Bell everyone.

Canadians won’t be able to take their mobile phone numbers with them when they switch companies until at least seven out of 10 people have a wireless phone, Bell Mobility Inc. president Michael Neuman believes.

More than four of 10 Canadians today have a mobile phone and some analysts believe it will take until about 2015 to reach seven of 10.

Stupid CRTC doesn’t make ANY smart decisions. They need to listen to consumers more and ignore the payoffs from the telecommunications industry! In the meantime I am stuck with Telus (which is still better than you poor suckers on Rogers or Fido!).


Learn to drive people!

Somehow the skies have turned against us and the snow fell today like it was Christmas – only without the joy. The list of accidents on the radio was outrageous, and I was inches away from own accident. Coming down 17th street, it was easy going (although extremely slippery) North (my direction) but backed up for miles going South. Of course, some idiot out of frustration tries to turn around from the south bound lane into mine, right in front of me. I had to swerve way to the right and missed his front end by only inches. Moron.

After that ordeal it was very slow and icy the rest of the way. I walked into my exam this morning at five to nine, just in time! My exams today were both pretty easy, the morning one even more so (MARK 301). If I can finish my take-home exam tonight this will be the first time I have knocked off three exams in one day!

Needless to say with finals and all this snow and bad weather, I wish I was back in Seattle!