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Inukshuk Wireless Internet

Say it with me now – wireless everywhere! Looks like it’ll be happening in Canada sooner than expected too, according to Om Malik: The Canadians are taking a lead on the US, and are putting together a nationwide fixed wireless broadband network, according to Digital Home Canada. Two Canadian incumbents – Rogers Communications and Bell… Reads more »

Northern Voice 2006

Just saw on Darren’s blog that Northern Voice is happening again in 2006. Here are all the details so far (from Darren’s post): It’s a two-day conference now, with Friday being a self-organizing thingy in the tradition of Foo Camp and Bar Camp. Saturday will be similar to last year’s conference. You can register for… Reads more »

Krispy Kreme’s Canadian assets for sale

It seems as though Krispy Kreme is not doing so well north of the border. KremeKo Inc., which runs the franchises in Canada, announced this week that it was planning to sell off assets, just weeks after it was forced to file for bankruptcy protection: It decided this week that the greatest value could be… Reads more »

David Dodge on U.S. Economics

I have read many times about the huge current account deficit in the United States, but usually from American media like The Economist, or maybe something from Europe. Never from Canada! It seems the Canadian government generally likes to keep quiet about our neighbour’s spending habits, maybe for fear of more beef or softwood lumber-like… Reads more »

Blogs are Advertising in BC?

Darren Barefoot reports that Elections BC has decided that blogs are simply campaign advertising: “Under the Election Act, it will fall within the definition of election advertising, and we would ask them to register,” says Jennifer Miller, of Elections B.C. Miller says the volume of sites is overwhelming, and doesn’t rule out asking for a… Reads more »

Back to the polls?

Did you watch Prime Minister Paul Martin’s national address on prime-time television last Thursday night? No? Don’t feel bad, you’re probably in the majority. Martin thought that going on national television would be a good way to try and save himself and the Liberals some face in the wake of adscam (the last time a… Reads more »

Marijuana Madness

The good folks at Health Canada announced yesterday that they have given approval for the sale of Sativex in our country. Sativex is a drug derived from cannabis to treat multiple sclerosis-related nerve pain: This week’s approval of Sativex marked the world’s first cannabis-based drug to reach the market, according to the drug’s U.K.-based manufacturer,… Reads more »