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Reducing GST?

One of the big stories in Canada today was Conservative Leader Stephen Harper’s pledge to reduce our GST from 7% to 5% if his party wins the election. The reduction would be 1% immediately, and another percent sometime within five years. Apparently, savings would be fairly good: Canadians would have $4.5 billion put back in… Reads more »

Gomery Report – what a joke!

The big news in Canada today was the release of the much anticipated Gomery report, which was supposed to finally explain the sponsorship scandal and lay blame against those responsible. Unfortunately, I fear that $32 million of taxpayers money (which is 1/8 of the total scandal amount) has been wasted as the Gomery report was… Reads more »

Big Oil Profits and Alberta

I thought I’d highlight this rather interesting discussion on the big oil companies and their profits taking place at Robert McClelland’s My Blahg. After describing the profits of Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, and Petro-Canada (all up, surprise surprise) Robert had this to say: Pricks. I say regulate them. And to hell with Alberta if… Reads more »

BioWare – a Top 100 Employer

Last week BioWare Corp. announced that they were recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers. From the press release: “This acknowledgment is a great honour, and we are thrilled to receive this award. It is important to BioWare because it reflects our core value of Quality in our Workplace, and it also demonstrates that… Reads more »

Waste Reduction Week in Canada

Did you know that October 17th-23rd is Waste Reduction Week in Canada? I didn’t until yesterday when I happened to be walking through the Students’ Union Building on campus and came across a display. Municipalities can declare the week in their town or city, schools and businesses can register to participate, and of course we… Reads more »

Tod Maffin and CBCunplugged

Those of you following the current CBC labour dispute have no doubt been impacted in some form by Tod Maffin. He’s the guy behind, which has emerged as sort of “home away from home” for many former CBC writers, producers, and hosts. Tod not only got the ball rolling, but has been a major… Reads more »