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Going to Mesh!

Dickson and I recently registered for Mesh, Canada’s first ever Web 2.0 conference taking place in Toronto on May 15th and 16th. The organizers already have an impressive list of guests and speakers, so I am really looking forward to it. Canada needs a conference like mesh. Web 2.0 is happening all around us, as… Reads more »

CBC Radio One coming to Edmonton FM

Looks like Edmonton will be getting another FM station, this one run by CBC, according to radio-guru Tod Maffin: The CRTC CRTC this morning approved CBC Radio CBC Radio’s request to add FM transmitters to serve listeners in Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg. The AM transmitters in those cities will remain on to continue to serve… Reads more »

Paramagnus Finalists in Wes Nicol Competition!

It’s been a great week for Paramagnus! On Wednesday it was announced that we were semi-finalists in the VenturePrize competition and last night we found out that we were selected as finalists for local part of the Wes Nicol Entrepreneurial Award, also a businss plan competition! The Wes Nicol Entrepreneurial Award is a national non-profit… Reads more »

Conservative Canada

By now you’re almost certainly aware that the Conservatives won a minority in last night’s federal election (just as I predicted). During his concession speech, Paul Martin announced he will not lead the Liberal party in the next election. There are three main things about the election I found interesting: The magic number of 155… Reads more »

Voted NDP

I mentioned yesterday that I had my choice narrowed down to two. Didn’t want to vote for the Liberals again (need some change) and I don’t align closely enough with the Greens (not that I entirely like any of the parties). For me, it was either NDP or Conservatives (I know!). I ended up voting… Reads more »

The Arch Card

I was browsing around looking for the McDonald’s McDeal menu (which is apparently different depending on what province you’re in, and no I didn’t find it, the McDonald’s Canada website is completely useless, and yes I know it off by heart for Alberta) and came across this post on the McChronicles weblog: McDonald’s has rolled… Reads more »