Voted NDP

Post ImageI mentioned yesterday that I had my choice narrowed down to two. Didn’t want to vote for the Liberals again (need some change) and I don’t align closely enough with the Greens (not that I entirely like any of the parties). For me, it was either NDP or Conservatives (I know!). I ended up voting NDP, for a number of reasons:

  • I like the Conservatives as the provincial government for Alberta, and indeed I did vote for Ralph Klein in the last election. I don’t think a federal Conservative government quite fits the same way.
  • Truthfully, Harper is a little odd, and I don’t think he’d make a very good Prime Minister.
  • The NDP won’t win the election, but a larger number of seats for them in the house is good for all of us during these minority governments (I don’t think the Conservatives will win a majority).
  • Apparently, my NDP candidate has a good shot of being the only non-Tory Edmonton MP.

So now we wait to see the results. Hopefully lots of people voted today, especially with the bogus emails floating around. Polls have closed in the east already, so it won’t be long!

7 thoughts on “Voted NDP

  1. Well done Mack. It was the best choice besides eating your ballot. Or defecating on it. And I hope Jaffer gets ousted. He needs to find a real job.

  2. Well had there been a chance that the NDP win the minority government, I most certainly would not have voted for the NDP. I don’t think an NDP government would help our economy at all.

    Like I said, I figured we were going to have a minority government, so the more spread out it is, the better. That’s probably the main reason I ended up voting NDP.

    I mean, it goes every which way. How as a business owner could I vote NDP? How as a post-secondary student could I not vote Liberal?

    Truth is, there wasn’t a party I really wanted to vote for.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re back at the polls within 24 months (18 is the average for a minority in Canada).

    Actually, Conservatives (124) + NDP (29) + Independent (1) = 154.

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