In Edmonton, we like to drive

Statistics Canada has released some new data from the last census that shouldn’t shock anyone who lives in Alberta’s capital city. Nearly 80% of us get to work in a vehicle:

The new data from the 2006 census found that 12.7 per cent of workers in the city of Edmonton get to work using public transit, while 79 per cent either drive or travel in a vehicle as a passenger.

Statistics Canada said the reliance on cars seems to increase with the age of the commuter. While those under the age of 25 travelled by vehicle 70.7 per cent of the time, that rate increased to 81.6 per cent for those aged 25 to 34. The rate was even higher for those aged over 35, at 87.2 per cent.

Cheap Gas?

The average Alberta commuter takes a car 84% of the time, so we’re slightly better than the rest of the province.

I guess Bob Boutilier, our city’s Transportation Department GM, wasn’t kidding at the ETS conference a few weeks ago when he said a big challenge is the “pickup truck and two car” mentality of most Albertans. Thanks to the census data, I now have a number to attach to that statement.

Some people like to suggest that we’ll never improve our public transit system until everyone experiences just how bad it is right now. Maybe there’s some truth to that after all. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the majority of that 80% have never been on a bus or LRT car.

That needs to change.

Locking gas caps!

Post ImageHow can you tell that gas prices are far too high? Well, you might spit coffee all over the dash when you drive up to the pump and see the price, or you might be checking prices on one of those converters that makes your car burn restaurant grease as fuel. Or, you might even be ordering a locking gas cap:

The word from Pittsburgh is that auto parts suppliers are rapidly selling out of locking gas caps, which were originally invented in the 30s because of gas thefts during the Great Depression. Buyers are reporting their gas tanks have been siphoned, or that they want to head off potential siphoning due to ever-rising gas prices. Some stores are having difficulty getting more units in stock from manufacturers.

There was a similar little article in today’s Dose too. Are people really siphoning gas, or is this a little bit of Pimp My Ride? I mean gas prices are so high, what’s another few dollars on a locking gas cap right?

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One Ugly Car!

On Wednesday evening I was driving with Ada to volunteering, and on the way we saw one of the dumbest, ugliest cars ever! It was a Cavalier, circa late 90s, and this is what the guy had done to it:

  • Attempted to put a body kit on the car, but it really only covered the sides and front.
  • Attached what appeared to be chicken wire to the front grill.
  • Painted the entire car an ugly, matte grey-blue.
  • Added a “dual” exhaust.
  • Took off the door handles!

That’s right! We stared at the car, because there were no door handles. We couldn’t figure out how the doors were supposed to open. Anyway, it was a really ugly car. If you’re going to pimp out your ride, at least start with something good, and don’t do a half-assed job.

I should invest in a small camera to keep in my car so that I always have one ready. Would have made an excellent “your caption here” photo!