One Ugly Car!

On Wednesday evening I was driving with Ada to volunteering, and on the way we saw one of the dumbest, ugliest cars ever! It was a Cavalier, circa late 90s, and this is what the guy had done to it:

  • Attempted to put a body kit on the car, but it really only covered the sides and front.
  • Attached what appeared to be chicken wire to the front grill.
  • Painted the entire car an ugly, matte grey-blue.
  • Added a “dual” exhaust.
  • Took off the door handles!

That’s right! We stared at the car, because there were no door handles. We couldn’t figure out how the doors were supposed to open. Anyway, it was a really ugly car. If you’re going to pimp out your ride, at least start with something good, and don’t do a half-assed job.

I should invest in a small camera to keep in my car so that I always have one ready. Would have made an excellent “your caption here” photo!

3 thoughts on “One Ugly Car!

  1. were you in millwoods? i saw a red cavalier all "pimped" out today. made me laugh cause it’s a piece of crap, though I muct say, to the untrained eye, it wouldn’t look much like a cavalier. unfortunately for the punk kid driving it, i made fun of him, while driving my gas guzzling mom-mobile.

  2. lol through the windows, that’s Dukes of Hazzard styles yo haha

    that’s why Mack, you must work under the hood and under the chassis before you work on the exterior, mad respect points 😀

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