Nighthawk Rules at the Fringe!

Post ImageLast night I went to a late show at the Fringe with Sharon and Dickson. This was my second year attending the annual festival, the first for Dickson, and the millionth for Sharon (she’s such a pro she knows the code-speak the volunteers use!). Parking was non-existent as usual, and there was a lot of people. It was fun though! Oh and for the record, I really don’t like this year’s name, “Fringe A-Go-Go”. Doesn’t appeal to me at all, I don’t know why.

We waited in line to buy tickets, and then had time to kill before the show started so we walked around a bit. To my surprise, they were selling mini-donuts! I love those things, I just can’t help myself when I see them. After I bought a bag, we went to Starbucks. I really wish they had made that one on Whyte Ave and Calgary Trail bigger – it was so crammed last night.

The show we went to see was called “Nighthawk Rules“, from the company 40 Foot Theatre, directed by Jeff Page. It was written by James Hamilton and Colin Doyle, who also starred as the two main characters. The only other character in the show was played by Lora Brovold. Here’s the description:

It’s hard to stay friends. Barry and Dick have been friends since grade 7. The problem is, Barry wants to settle down with his girlfriend Pam, but Dick still wants to drink all night and steal street-signs for kicks. While Dick pulls from one direction, Pam pulls from the other. Dick and Barry embark on a drinking game to end all drinking games-the object of which is the destruction of their friendship or the destruction of Barry’s future with Pam.

If you’re planning to go see the show, skip this paragraph. The description is okay, but it doesn’t really tell you what happens, which I guess is the point, but still. It turns out that Barry and Dick fall in love, and end up starting a relationship. Totally unexpected, but brilliantly portrayed in the show! The guy who played Dick was especially convincing, and delivered his lines perfectly. Lora who played Pam only had a very small on-stage role, and unfortunately for her, it was meant to be completely over the top, so you’re left not liking her character at all. There was a lot of laughing, a lot of swearing, and some good “shock value” moments too, such as when Barry and Dick share their first kiss.

It was a really great show! I enjoyed it, though I could have done without Sharon’s comments afterward. But don’t worry, I will exact my revenge one way or another. I’m planning to go see at least one more show, so watch for another review!

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