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Improvaganza 2011: #yegimprov

Do social media and improv go together? We’re going to find out on Monday evening! That’s when Rapid Fire Theatre is holding #yegimprov, a live social media experiment at Improvaganza 2011. This is the 11th year of Improvaganza, Canada’s largest improv festival. Tonight is the opening night gala and the festival, which takes place at… Reads more »

Fringeopolis – The Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival’s 30th Anniversary Edition

Fringe Theatre Adventures announced this afternoon the theme for the 30th anniversary edition of the popular summer festival: Fringeopolis. The theme is a play on the “mini-municipality” that Old Strathcona turns into during the eleven days of the festival. The Fringe is inviting everyone to become a citizen of Fringeopolis for free on its website…. Reads more »

@AlbertaTheatre – Social Media and the Artist/Patron Relationship

Late last year, Wil Knoll and I were asked if we’d like to share some thoughts on the evolution of artist-audience interaction for All Stages, a magazine published three times a year by Theatre Alberta. We both agreed, and early this year set about writing it. We ended up having a conversation through email, which… Reads more »

Why Edmonton’s Teatro La Quindicina and actor Jeff Haslam will never get my business again

With one exception, Sharon and I had a great time at the 29th Edmonton International Fringe Festival this past weekend. Unfortunately, all that sticks out in our minds is that exception. Before I explain, a little background. Sharon is the person who introduced me to live theatre in Edmonton. Though the first show she took… Reads more »

Catalyst Theatre’s Frankenstein

Last night, Sharon and I had the pleasure of attending The Mayor’s Evening (and opening night) for Catalyst Theatre’s award-winning production Frankenstein (thank you Jenifer for the invite). I had never seen Frankenstein before, but I had some idea of what to expect as Sharon and I saw Nevermore last May (Sharon saw Frankenstein back in… Reads more »

Edmonton & Winnipeg Fringe Festivals break records in 2009

The final numbers for the 28th Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival were released yesterday: a record-breaking 92,279 tickets were sold over 11 days. Less than a month ago, the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival announced that it had sold 81,565 tickets over 12 days, a new record at the time for fringe festivals in North America…. Reads more »

Edmonton Story: Discovering Live Theatre

Last week, my Edmonton story was published at Titled Discovering Live Theatre, my story is about finding a love for local live theatre. Here’s the first paragraph: When I was in high school, my idea of theatre consisted of going to see the latest Hollywood release at one of Edmonton’s many movie theatres. It… Reads more »

Fringe 007: Ignorance, Mini Donuts, and Die-Nasty

Sharon dragged me to the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival, aka the Fringe, a few years ago, and I actually enjoyed it. I’ve since come to enjoy Edmonton’s live theatre scene, so I was definitely looking forward to this year’s festival, called “Live and Let Fringe” in honor of the year. The festival runs until… Reads more »