Edmonton Story: Discovering Live Theatre

Last week, my Edmonton story was published at EdmontonStories.ca. Titled Discovering Live Theatre, my story is about finding a love for local live theatre. Here’s the first paragraph:

When I was in high school, my idea of theatre consisted of going to see the latest Hollywood release at one of Edmonton’s many movie theatres. It wasn’t until I was in University that I was introduced by a friend to live theatre. At the time, I wondered why my friend was so keen to have me go. Surely you had to be in New York or London to experience great live theatre? Not so, I soon discovered.

It’s perhaps a little out of character for me, in that it’s not related to Twitter, social media, or technology at all. I wanted to write about something that wasn’t associated in any way to my work. That said, I still think it captures part of what makes Edmonton special to me.

Of course, theatre and technology do cross paths once in a while:

No texting during the show!

Give it a read and let me know what you think. Can you guess who the friend mentioned in the story is?

If you have a story, submit it here. You can read about the contest for submissions here.

Also, the 2009 Edmonton International Fringe Festival is coming up! The program went on sale today – you can buy it 7-Eleven or a few other places, or online. This year’s theme is “Stage a Revolution”. The festival runs from August 13th through the 23rd.

3 thoughts on “Edmonton Story: Discovering Live Theatre

  1. Thanks for mentioning the fringe and live theatre in Edmonton!

    I’d like to point out that not only did the program go on sale today, but Fringe tickets, too! All Edmontonians can now buy tickets to see some excellent theatre!

    One of the members of the Fringe board said at the Media Launch today that he would like all Edmontonians to commit to seeing just one Fringe show; for each Edmontonian to buy just one ticket to one show to recognize, support, and enjoy this incredible, internationally-recognized event. The Fringe has been recognized by the Government of Canada as one of 10 Marquee Tourism Events for summer 2009 (http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/dsib-tour.nsf/eng/qq00170.html). Canada has recognized the Fringe as a representation of the incredible things we produce and there are too many Edmontonians who haven’t taken the chance.

    As a local theatre professional writing and directing a show at the Fringe this year, along with an all-local cast and crew, thanks again for mentioning the vibrant theatre community in this city and helping to get one step closer to the goal of all Edmontonians enjoying local theatre!

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