The Talking Turk

Last night I went to see Stewart Lemoine’s “The Salon of the Talking Turk” with Sharon at the Varscona Theatre. We didn’t have tickets, and so weren’t sure we’d be able to get in, but it turned out that I was right and Sharon was wrong, haha, it wasn’t sold out.

Here’s a little about the play:

Leona Brausen stars as Cornelia, an affable divorcee with a latent longing for scientific enlightenment, and Davina Stewart plays her best friend Dominica, a free-thinking flapper and serial fiancée whose uncharacteristic embrace of thrift will have far-reaching implications for everyone she knows. Lanky newcomer Andrew MacDonald-Smith plays Cornelia’s over-achieving layabout brother Wally, and Mark Meer is back with Teatro in a sensational turn as the mysteriously enlightened and frankly opinionated automaton, The Talking Turk.

I really enjoyed the show, probably a little more than Sharon did. It was full of excellent one-liners, like “faith is for the busy”. The only thing we noticed is that the actors made quite a few errors in their lines, somewhat surprising when you consider that they have performed the same stuff every day for the last two weeks.

We stopped at Starbucks on Whyte after for coffee. There are some things you only find on Whyte Avenue, and I am continually amazed. We saw four people in bright orange t-shirts with matching hair promoting a spa. We saw a group of four pirates walk past. An ambulance and a fire truck descended on the building next to us. Drunk people falling all over the place. A woman carrying a case of beer (is she crazy?). You name it!

Anyway, thanks Sharon!

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