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Recap: IABC Edmonton’s Connecting the Dots Workshop

The Edmonton chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) held a mini social media conference called Connecting the Dots yesterday the Art Gallery of Alberta. Hosted by Justin Archer and Jay Averill, the event featured three speakers and a panel. George Siemens opened the conference with a “30,000 foot view” of the social… Reads more »

Social Media Marketing Bootcamp comes to Edmonton

Vancouver-based Capulet Communications has been running a number of popular social media marketing ‘bootcamps’ in Victoria and Vancouver, and now they’re taking their show on the road. In addition to stops in Kamloops, Kelowna, and Calgary, Capulet will be in Edmonton on September 9th. Here’s what you can expect: Adding social media into the marketing… Reads more »

Fifth undersea cable cut

With each passing day, another undersea cable serving the Middle East is severed. At least that’s the way things are going right now! Slashdot reported earlier today on the fifth incident, originally suggesting that it resulted in all of Iran going offline. They later backtracked as it became clear that Iran was still on the… Reads more »

Wireless Cities

Time for an update on wireless everywhere! Unfortunately Edmonton isn’t much closer to being covered in wonderful wireless Internet access, but many other cities are. What was once a side project in a few townships has become a big deal for some major locales: Vendors that build and manage wireless networks report unprecedented municipal interest… Reads more »

Skype 1.4 Released! Video coming soon?

Skype launched the latest version of their Windows software yesterday, bringing the popular VoIP tool to version I installed it on both of my machines this afternoon, and it appears to be running quite well. Here are some of the more noticeable new features: You can forward calls on to mobiles, landlines and other… Reads more »

Presence: Pipe Dream?

I got thinking about “presence” today, after reading a comment from Dan Gillmor in light of today’s eBay-Skype deal (hat tip Larry): It’s official, and eBay will now be adding something to its portfolio: customers’ presence online. The possibilities are endless. I didn’t get this at first, but now I do. Unfortunately he didn’t “get… Reads more »