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Edmonton man addicted to updating gas prices

When I posted about the price of oil on Tuesday, I linked to as a resource for checking out where the cheapest gas is in the city. Then today, reading the Journal, I came across an article talking about Scott Widney: It’s only noon, but already Scott Widney has earned 450 points as a… Reads more »

Champ Car Night in Edmonton

Edmonton has definitely got Champ Car fever! This weekend is of course, race weekend for the inaugural Grand Prix of Edmonton. And as such, there’s lots of stuff happening around the city, and not all of it is racing. For example, tonight was the Champ Car Night @ Rice Howard Way presented by Bridgestone: Rice… Reads more »

University of Alberta to buy Bay building

The University of Alberta is gearing up to buy the ancient Hudson’s Bay building in downtown Edmonton. The purchase would solve two major problems – what to do with the aging building in the heart of our downtown, and how to deal with the space crunch for the ever growing university. If the deal goes… Reads more »