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Facebook, school expulsions, and stupid parents

I watched Global National tonight and ended up laughing out loud when this story aired. Turns out that a grade eleven student in Abbotsford, B.C. created a Facebook group titled “If 200 people sign this, I’ll kick (teacher Pat Mullaney) in the box.” Obviously the school wasn’t too happy about that and they suspended the… Reads more »

Why do we still teach cursive handwriting?

I’m generally pretty happy whenever I get the opportunity to show off my Tablet PC, especially when my audience has never seen one before. It happened again Friday afternoon, and the expected “oohs” and “ahhs” filled the room. Usually I fold up my tablet so that the keyboard is hidden, and then I encourage onlookers… Reads more »

MTV buys

If you’re a college or university student you have probably heard about The site has been around since 1999 and now boasts almost 7 million ratings from over 6000 schools, making it pretty valuable to MTV: RateMyProfessors will become a part of MTV Network’s, an online channel of job listings, philanthropy projects, campus… Reads more »

Boring podcasts are not the answer!

Another day, another educator fighting podcasting because she fears students will not attend class. Liz Dreesen is a general surgeon lecturing at the University of North Carolina, and her students have asked her to podcast her anatomy lectures. She doesn’t want to do it: I want the medical students also to learn the importance of… Reads more »