Facebook, school expulsions, and stupid parents

Post ImageI watched Global National tonight and ended up laughing out loud when this story aired. Turns out that a grade eleven student in Abbotsford, B.C. created a Facebook group titled “If 200 people sign this, I’ll kick (teacher Pat Mullaney) in the box.” Obviously the school wasn’t too happy about that and they suspended the student, Amanda Bunn, for three weeks only to later change their minds and expel her completely. The school even contacted police, but they decided not to investigate (smart move).

I think the school went too far here, and reacted far too strongly. But that’s not what made me LOL. It was Amanda’s father, Wally, who just cracked me up. He said he took away Amanda’s Facebook account and was “closely monitoring” her Internet use. LOL! Seriously, does he have his eye on her 24 hours a day? I highly doubt it. I don’t know what he thinks he is going to accomplish, besides maybe damaging his relationship with his daughter. If she’s like 99% of her fellow teenagers, I am sure she still has access to Facebook.

A new group has been created, called Let Amanda Bunn Back into School. Almost 300 people have joined the group, and there are over 75 wall posts (including some from Amanda’s father who, strangely enough, is posting messages under her account). This is one of the great things about Facebook – it has enabled a dialogue to take place about an unfortunate incident. Imagine if Amanda had written what she did on a poster in the school instead of on Facebook. She’d likely still be expelled, but there wouldn’t be a conversation about it taking place now.

On the other hand, had the incident not taken place on Facebook, there probably wouldn’t have been a national news story about it.

Read: Global National

6 thoughts on “Facebook, school expulsions, and stupid parents

  1. Regardless of whether it would have been on a poster or on Facebook, Amanda Bunn is obviously a pretty stupid individual for doing something like that, even jokingly.

  2. True, and I wouldn’t dispute that. My point is simply that similar kinds of things happen offline every day at hundreds of schools around the continent. I think she has been singled out because of Facebook.

    Either way, a suspension would have been sufficient punishment, not expulsion.

  3. Hahah oh my this story was so extremely blown out of proportion it wasnt even funny. I am a student at WJ Mouat where this all took place, and am a close friend of Amanda’s. Yes what she did wasn’t the best idea, and the school did need to make a point of it, but NATIONAL NEWS? Come on, thats just ridiculous..

    And do you know what happened to us 200 students that joined the group, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Now how fair is that?

  4. my dad was only trying to protect me against all the media, and all the trouble that was going on in facebook
    he DID moniter my internet use
    I wasn’t allowed on the computer, or out of the house for close to a month
    My parents were the only people that were totally great about it, especially my dad
    It’s not your place to pass judgement
    I’m sure you’ve made mistakes in your life before.

  5. so if your kid violated a law, and got kicked out of school you’d be like
    awhhh, honey, it’s totally okay you didn’t do anything wrong
    i got grounded obviously!
    and i got banned from facebook
    of course they’re going to punish me
    i think parents become weak if they don’t even discipline their child appropriately

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