Pocket HD Video Recording

Post ImageIn the marketing presentation I gave on Monday I mentioned that podcasting will increasingly take advantage of advances in mobile devices, as well as high definition recording. When I put that idea into my presentation, I was thinking about the mobile and high def parts separately, but if this little video camera is any indication, they might come as a package deal:

The research kids in Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute just announced a tiny new video camera capable of shooting at a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and a variable frame rate up to 60 frames per second.

Pretty damn intense. The camera will be on display at CeBIT in March. I can just imagine the possibilities a small, high quality camera such as this would make possible. Bring it on!

Read: Engadget

Our New HDTV Projector

Post ImageAs Dickson mentioned yesterday, the HDTV projector we ordered about a week ago arrived. The projector is an Optoma MovieTime, and supports HDTV inputs and has a built-in DVD player. Even though it goes against my rules for buying electronics, I think we made a good purchase (and it was a steal of a deal from Costco). We watched Into The Blue yesterday, and I brought in my Xbox 360 from home today – gotta love that widescreen!

The reason we got the projector was work…no really! We are always scrambling to find a projector for our Edmonton .NET Wizards meetings, and we can definitely use it for Paramagnus-related stuff too. Okay, okay, we’ll also use it for the odd movie or gaming session 😉

I’ve got some pictures up at Flickr if you want to take a look.

Xbox 360 on HDTV

Post ImageMy brother gave me King Kong the game for Xbox 360 for Christmas, so we hooked it all up to my Dad’s high definition TV and tried it out. And then we played Halo 2 as well, just to see what it was like on the HDTV. Everything you might have heard about the Xbox 360 needing an HDTV, is pretty much true.

Xbox 360 on HDTV is HARDCORE!

The minute you turn the system on, you see the difference. Even the dashboard is much, much better looking on the HDTV. King Kong, while being a relatively dark game, was pretty intense. Even Halo 2 looks much better on the 360 with HDTV than a normal TV on either the 360 or original Xbox.

I really want an HDTV now!