Xbox 360 on HDTV

Post ImageMy brother gave me King Kong the game for Xbox 360 for Christmas, so we hooked it all up to my Dad’s high definition TV and tried it out. And then we played Halo 2 as well, just to see what it was like on the HDTV. Everything you might have heard about the Xbox 360 needing an HDTV, is pretty much true.

Xbox 360 on HDTV is HARDCORE!

The minute you turn the system on, you see the difference. Even the dashboard is much, much better looking on the HDTV. King Kong, while being a relatively dark game, was pretty intense. Even Halo 2 looks much better on the 360 with HDTV than a normal TV on either the 360 or original Xbox.

I really want an HDTV now!

2 thoughts on “Xbox 360 on HDTV

  1. I went and bought a HDTV within 2 days of getting my 360.

    And I agree that even the dashboard looks way better.

    Looking at the games I wonder how all the game indicators (life, weapons, etc) ever fit on standard width. I’m surprised that the 2 player modes don’t split left-right rather than top-bottom.

    My only beef with 360 is that there don’t seem to be many games that allow xbox live + guest on a single console or, even better, 2+ xbox live players on one console.

    The thing with a HDTV is that you then have to upgrade your other consoles to use component video if you really want to take advantage of it, plus get a component video switcher… plus change settings on your dvd player so it knows about the HDTV display (then the black bars go away and you get nice wide DVD playback full-widescreen), plus deal with games and non-HDTV in terms of having vertical bars or a stretched picture…

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