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Recap: Edmonton’s HealthHack Competition

Yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity to help judge the City of Edmonton’s HealthHack Competition. Connected to Edmonton’s Smart Cities Challenge, the competition invited citizens to propose innovative approaches to improve the four health indicators of mental health, physical health, social health, and economic health. Nearly 40 proposals were submitted, and a previous round of… Reads more »

Recap: Hacking Health in Edmonton

Last weekend was Edmonton’s first Hacking Health, a unique event that aims to enable collaboration between technology geeks and healthcare workers to solve health-focused problems. The hackathon took place at the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy at the University of Alberta from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon and attracted dozens of participants and many more observers…. Reads more »

Canadian man has no pulse!

This is one of those “wow that’s crazy” kind of stories. It seems a Canadian man from Quebec has received a new heart device called the “Heartmate II” and as a result, he no longer has a pulse: The new mechanical heart, which is powered by batteries located in pouches on Mr. Langevin’s body, provides… Reads more »

Sports bra monitors your heart

Health-related technology seems to be one of the most popular and innovative areas of research lately, with really interesting projects like this sports bra from Numetrex: A sports bra from Numetrex picks up a runner’s heartbeat and sends the signal down to a computer attached onto a waistband or worn on the wrist. The system… Reads more »

Big Oil Profits and Alberta

I thought I’d highlight this rather interesting discussion on the big oil companies and their profits taking place at Robert McClelland’s My Blahg. After describing the profits of Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, and Petro-Canada (all up, surprise surprise) Robert had this to say: Pricks. I say regulate them. And to hell with Alberta if… Reads more »