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Inukshuk Wireless Internet

Say it with me now – wireless everywhere! Looks like it’ll be happening in Canada sooner than expected too, according to Om Malik: The Canadians are taking a lead on the US, and are putting together a nationwide fixed wireless broadband network, according to Digital Home Canada. Two Canadian incumbents – Rogers Communications and Bell… Reads more »

Always On Wireless

What’s my mantra? Wireless Everywhere! I look forward to the day when wireless is like oxygen; everywhere you go, it’s there. So it always makes me smile when I find an article that really nails the vision: “If you ask someone what the (return on investment) on plumbing is, they couldn’t tell you, because it’s… Reads more »

Upgrade to Web 2.5

I really like the idea of “the Web as a platform”, an idea that has been termed “Web 2.0” and has become pretty widespread. While definitions vary, I rather like this one (from Richard MacManus and Joshua Porter’s “Web 2.0 for Designers“): This may sound like we’re in the Matrix, but in the words of… Reads more »