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Firefox 1.5 Released

The Mozilla Foundation has released the first major revision to Firefox, version 1.5. I downloaded and installed it tonight on both machines without any problem. In fact, I quite like how simple upgrading the extensions was – much improved over previous installs. Here’s what’s new: New in the 1.5 version are more sophisticated security and… Reads more »

No more PC gaming?

It used to be that if you wanted the best gaming experience, you’d need to play your games on the computer. There were many reasons for this, including the raw power of computers, the ability to hook up to the Internet, and the ability to upgrade your hardware to play the most cutting edge games…. Reads more »

Wireless Cities

Time for an update on wireless everywhere! Unfortunately Edmonton isn’t much closer to being covered in wonderful wireless Internet access, but many other cities are. What was once a side project in a few townships has become a big deal for some major locales: Vendors that build and manage wireless networks report unprecedented municipal interest… Reads more »

Why the USA needs to cede control of the Internet

There is a potentially major split brewing over control of the Internet, and it has been coming for quite some time. Declan McCullagh has written a great article explaining the problem and what it could mean, so I suggest reading that for some background before you continue with this post. In a nutshell though, the… Reads more »

Google Wifi

The latest “confirmed” Google rumor is the infamous “wifi service” that has long been predicted. Not entirely certain why Google would want to get into the wireless business, but who knows, it probably falls into The Master Plan somehow. From John Battelle: In any case, I think folks really want to believe that Google is… Reads more »