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I came across OpenDNS today via Geek News Central. I have been meaning to look for something like this for quite some time. Basically, it is a DNS service, used by your computer to look up the IP address of a domain name. Whenever you setup your Internet connection on your computer, or router, or… Reads more »

Yahoo hearts PayPal

In a deal announced earlier today, Yahoo and eBay are teaming up around advertising, e-commerce, and search. Yahoo becomes the exclusive provider of graphical ads on eBay, and will also provide some text ads. They are going to make a co-branded toolbar, and they’ll work to make their respective VoIP apps work together (Yahoo Messenger… Reads more »

Net Neutrality

I haven’t said much about so-called “network neutrality” yet, but I do think it is a very important issue. I don’t pretend to know all about it, but I have read enough to form some opinions. First off, here’s how the term is defined at Wikipedia: Network neutrality is a proposed principle of network regulation…. Reads more »

Windows Live Updates

You might have heard today that Microsoft released a bunch of updates to the services. For one thing, the search is much improved and I love the new interface! Searches load pretty quickly too. The great thing is that there is no more “page 1” or “page 2” or results. Instead, you simply scroll… Reads more »

What the hell Yahoo?

One interesting item floating around the blogosphere today is that Yahoo has decided to give up in the search industry, essentially conceding defeat to Google. Yes, you read that correctly – sickening isn’t it? “We don’t think it’s reasonable to assume we’re going to gain a lot of share from Google,” Chief Financial Officer Susan… Reads more »

The Digital Baby

Mere hours after I wrote about the digital family I came across an article at the New York Times talking about the “brave new electronic baby“, or the digital baby as I will call him/her. I thought my family was digital, but we’ve got nothing on young Carter Kohl and his family: Dispatch from the… Reads more »