Anaheim goes wireless

Post ImageAnd I thought the biggest news in Anaheim was that the Mighty Ducks are now known as the Ducks! But nope, it’s not. The latest city to embrace my mantra is indeed Anaheim, which announced the new wireless network today with a ceremonial cable cutting:

Curt Pringle, the mayor of Anaheim, cut a thick blue cable with giant scissors in front of a quiet lunchtime crowd Thursday as this Los Angeles suburb joined the growing list of American cities that have launched a citywide wireless Internet network.

Anaheim is EarthLink’s first citywide network, but certainly not the last. EarthLink has signed on to provide San Francisco, Philadelphia, New Orleans and five other cities with municipal Internet access.

This one is different than most you may have heard about, as no free service will be made available. Instead, residents can pay $21.95 per month for access, and visitors to the area (such as the millions who visit Disneyland) can buy smaller amounts of access.

Still, this is great news for those of us who want wireless to be ubiquitous.

Read: CNET

2 thoughts on “Anaheim goes wireless

  1. I read this week that Chicago has announced that it will be setting up a wireless network with free access for those in the inner city who can’t afford it.

    After reading it I thought that this was a great thing…then it dawned on me. Giving free access to the inner city people who can’t afford to pay for the internet? What are they going to use this free access on? Chances are the people who this is targeted at can’t afford the computer to have this free access on.

    While it is a good idea from Chicago, it will need to be expanded on if it is to accomplish what they want.

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