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Winamp Supports Podcasts

Podcasting News is reporting today that popular music player Winamp has added support for podcasting in their new version, 5.1: WinAmp lets users play music and video files, features a media library, SHOUTcast radio and TV, skins, visualizations and an integrated podcast directory. I don’t use Winamp, so the new feature doesn’t really make a… Reads more »

REVIEW: Stay on My Side Tonight – Jimmy Eat World

A quick review for today. I recently acquired the new EP from Jimmy Eat World called “Stay on My Side Tonight“, and I absolutely loved it. You’ll remember Jimmy Eat World by their huge hits “The Middle”, “Sweetness”, “Work”, and “Pain”. This new album includes only five tracks, one of which is a remix of… Reads more »


I have always had two questions in the back of my mind about purchasing music online. First, how do the record labels/music stores decide what quality to encode an audio track at for sale? And secondly, how can they charge similar prices for CD’s and online music, the latter of which is generally much lower… Reads more »

REVIEW: Music of the Sun – Rihanna

Time for the second album review this week! You’ve no doubt heard Rihanna’s first single, “Pon de Replay” on the radio or MuchMusic or something. It’s extremely catchy, and is played everywhere. Unfortunately, it’s probably the best song on the album. Rihanna is only seventeen years old, and hails from Barbados. She’s a very attractive… Reads more »

Bronfman on Apple and Music

Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. has publicly responded to the comments made by Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs last week. Jobs called the record labels “greedy” and pledged to keep iTunes prices at 99 cents. Mr. Bronfman made it clear he disagrees: He called Apple’s across-the-board $0.99-per-song charge unfair. “There’s no content that I… Reads more »

iPod Nano Reviews

Of course, one of the bigger announcements over the last week was the unveiling of the latest member of the iPod family, affectionately named “Nano”. Engadget today posted a “review roundup“, so that you can better make a decision on whether or not to buy one: You probably already have a pretty good idea by… Reads more » to open digital music store?

Right now this is speculation at best, but appears to be readying a digital music service to compete with iTunes, among others. Honestly, I am surprised it is taking so long. The world’s largest marketplace, and yet no music service. Ecommerce giant appears to be preparing a digital music service to compete with… Reads more »