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Kellie Pickler

I don’t watch American Idol, let alone follow who gets kicked off or not, but my Grandma happened to be watching it when I walked in the house tonight, and Kellie Pickler was performing. All I gotta say is wow, that girl is irresistibly cute and she can sing too! She’s got my vote for… Reads more »

Ring Tones

Ring tones seem to be everywhere these days. You can’t buy a cell phone without seeing customizable ring tones as a selling feature, and chances are you can’t watch five minutes of MuchMusic without seeing a commercial for something related to ring tones. I personally don’t understand why the idea of changing your ring tone… Reads more »

96X Boycott?

Today I received a rather interesting email forward. The original email was from Matt Ashdown. I’ll let you read it first before I comment: Between 9 and 10 am on boh October 12th, and 19th, 96X had on their station what they called the “ADHD HOUR.” During this hour, they only would play the first… Reads more »