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Edmonton Notes for 8/1/2009

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes: Checking out the Servus Heritage Festival this weekend? Here is the relevant transit/parking information. The annual festival is the largest food drive of the year for the Edmonton Food Bank. Follow @EdmHeritageFest and @yegfoodbank on Twitter. Nothing new if you’re familiar with the space, but the City now has… Reads more »

Friday musings on hyperlocal news

A couple weeks ago, Matthew Hurst created the Hyperlocal page on Wikipedia. Previously, the Hyperlocal redirect went to Local News. Here is Matthew’s rationale for the change: One of the reasons behind separating these two is that hyperlocal content, and especially blogging, is not simply content about a location and of a particular geographic granularity…. Reads more »

Edmonton Notes for 7/11/2009

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes: City Council voted to close the City Centre Airport in phases. The City launched a new Photo Archives website this week, with 25,000 historic photos now available. Homeward Trust Edmonton is looking for board members. The deadline for applications is July 31st. The 13-year-old South Edmonton Common is the… Reads more »

Edmonton City Centre Airport Debate: Resources

We’re down to the final stages of the City Centre Airport review process. If you haven’t taken the time to educate yourself on the issue, the time is now. Here are the reports that were released last week: Airport Legal Review and Analysis (Attachment 1 in this PDF) Airport Lands Net Revenue Review (Attachment 3… Reads more »