Edmonton Notes for 8/26/2012

Thanks to everyone who came to Blink: Urban Picnic tonight! Sharon and I will write something up soon, but you don’t have to wait – Brittney already has a recap posted!

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:

Hail Downtown!
We have had some crazy weather lately. There was so much hail on Thursday it looked like it was snowing!

Here are some upcoming events:

Goodbye Cromdale Hotel
Goodbye Cromdale Hotel by Darren Kirby

7 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 8/26/2012

  1. Ugh…I groaned when I heard about the visit from the former “Bachelorette” couple. Surely they could have found someone better to visit, and surely they could have done a better job in showcasing the best the city had to offer (like making them a reservation at a romantic local restaurant, like Red Ox Inn). I know Travel Alberta and Tourism Edmonton meant well, but what a seriously terrible idea that was….

    1. Yeah, I can’t seem to find anyone except the Journal that wrote about them being here. And I would presume, especially with the success of this year’s festival, the point was to generate external media coverage.

      Perhaps next time a less obvious festival should be considered (the Bachelorette attending Accordion fest!) or a celebrity known by their actual name that would pique the interest of national and U.S. media?

      It may also show the tough sell to brand Edmonton a “festival city” to outsiders. When every other large city has a jazz, fringe, folk fest every summer, it’s hard to stand out.

  2. Do you know how the Fringe comes up with it’s numbers Mack? 680,000 ‘people visited’, with only 112,000 tickets sold? What did the other 568,000 people do?

    1. Keep in mind that is visitors to the Fringe side, but not necessarily people. They visited the grounds, maybe to eat, maybe to check out the buskers. I think they just count people walking through the gates, so there’s probably quite a number of duplicates in that number.

      During the Fringe I’ll often ask people “Hey, have you been to the Fringe?” and they say “Oh yeah, we were there yesterday!” and I say “Cool, what did you see?” and they say “Oh we didn’t go to a show, we just checked out the buskers”. Happens ALL the time.

  3. I hope that the ETS pilot project is deemed a success, especially the part about the automatic stop announcements. Having experienced that in Vancouver this summer, I have to say that it is really helpful when you’re riding an unfamiliar route!

    I love that there is a Cromdale demolition party. I think I might just have to go to that.

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