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Edmonton Notes for 10/18/2008

Here are some Edmonton-related things I found interesting this week: Former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer finally conceded this week to brand new NDP MP Linda Duncan in Edmonton – Strathcona. She’s the sole non-Conservative MP in Alberta. You can find some video and other news here, via britl. Edmonton businesses that don’t clean up the… Reads more »

Edmonton Notes for 10/11/2008

Here are some Edmonton-related things I found interesting this week: More than 1500 people attended Homeless Connect Edmonton last Sunday. The positive response means the event will be happening again in the future, hopefully with even more services. The city budget was released Monday, and calls for a 10.7% tax increase. Mayor Mandel said he’ll… Reads more »

What’s trending right now?

It’s been nearly three months since Twitter purchased Summize and renamed it Twitter Search. They still haven’t integrated Twitter Search into the main site, but they have made a number of other improvements: Greatly improved the reliability and performance of the site. Here’s the Uptime Report at Pingdom. Launched a well-received site redesign. Tackled spam… Reads more »

Edmonton Notes for 10/4/2008

Here are some Edmonton-related things I found interesting this week: Tomorrow is Homeless Connect Edmonton, an event put on by Homeward Trust to “offer our homeless neighbours kindness, hospitality and resources to assist in their progression to a safe, secure home.” Sort of related is the 2008 Homeless Count, taking place on October 21st. I’ve… Reads more »

Edmonton Notes for 9/27/2008

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed an increasing amount of Edmonton-focused content. I didn’t wake up one morning and say “self, you need to post more about Edmonton” – it just sort of happened. I’ve always said that I blog for myself first, so I just write about whatever… Reads more »

Text messaging is not dangerous, get over it

The people who create violent video games must be breathing a sigh of relief at the moment – text messaging is the new enemy. Increasingly the media has been publishing fluff pieces about the apparent danger that text messaging poses. With news that the train engineer at the centre of the crash in California last… Reads more »

My love-hate relationship with Connect2Edmonton: Twitter & FriendFeed to the rescue?

Connect2Edmonton (C2E for short) is a community website serving Edmontonians that launched on March 30th, 2006. On March 4th of this year it surpassed 3000 registrations, and announced that it receives 45,000 unique visitors per month. Those are pretty good numbers for a website all about Alberta’s capital city! You can find all sorts of… Reads more »

CBC’s Great Canadian Wish List – pathetic, just pathetic

I just read on Mashable about the CBC’s Great Canadian Wish List project. I hadn’t heard about it until now, but apparently the CBC created a Facebook group asking users to vote on their top 30 wishes. Mashable explains: More than 16,000 people responded to the questions posed on this Facebook group, says the TV… Reads more »