Recap: DemoCampEdmonton10

Tonight was our tenth DemoCamp here in Edmonton if you can believe it, and we’re still going strong! Our last DemoCamp was a little over two months ago, so it was definitely time for the community to once again get together. Cam asked the audience for a show of hands to find out who was new to DemoCamp, and a surprising number had never attended before. It’s fantastic that more and more people are finding out about the event, and are coming to support local entrepreneurs. Thanks everyone – keep it up!


Before and after tonight’s demos.

We had five demos this evening:

  • Dave Bodnarchuk from EventIQ started things off by showing us InviteRight. He spent most of the demo showing the slick table organization features of the tool. Event organizers or venue managers can arrange registrations by table visually, using a simple drag & drop interface, kind of like seat selection on the airlines. They’re currently working with McNally and Spruce Grove high schools to test.
  • Our next presenter was Kent Tong from eQube. He started by explaining that eQube plays in the gaming sector – gambling, bingo, etc., not video games! Kent focused on something called Lil’ Gecko, which is a mobile gaming device rented to casinos and other customers, but they also offer a complete end-to-end solution. They’re trying to come up with games (casual things like Bejeweled) that get the average person visiting casinos again.
  • Next up was Brian MacKay from Tooq, a tool focused on the contractor and small business sector. Currently a few weeks away from beta, Tooq right now helps you create and manage invoices. Eventually Brian and his team hope to create a job market based around the people using Tooq for invoices, estimates, and other tasks.
  • Fourth tonight was Dave Chan from pureLIGHT. He demonstrated preLIGHT and pureLIGHT, applications his team has written to help designers light scenes. The key difference is efficiency – pureLIGHT produces the same kind of quality as similar solutions, but with significantly improved workflow and on-the-fly tweaking (not to mention a far lower cost). I wrote about the other side of the company, 3DI, back in December.
  • Our final presenter of the evening was David Quail, who showed us Attassa. Reminiscent of Xobni, Attassa is focused on improving organization and context in email. You can view messages by conversation, and can see a list of related people for any given thread. You can also find attachments really easily. Attassa works with Outlook and the iPhone, and was developed in just two months!

All of the demos were quite well done tonight, with only minor hiccups along the way. Having said that, I’m not sure that people were buzzing as much about the demos at RATT as at past events. I think my demo of the night goes to Dave Bodnarchuk. Though he ran out of time, the app looks good and he’s already got customers signed up, so that’s always a positive! I also really liked Attassa, and I think it has great potential.

Here are some upcoming tech events to watch for:

Stay tuned to Startup Edmonton and GameCamp Edmonton for updates on their events too! You can always see the latest tech events at ShareEdmonton.

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight. See you at DemoCampEdmonton11!

8 thoughts on “Recap: DemoCampEdmonton10

  1. It was definately tough to buzz at the RATT when there were sadly so many problems with the place this evening.

    The place was fairly empty which was a huge plus, but I think a lot of people spent a lot of time lined up for beer and food and clearing off tables themselves. The worst though was the karaoke which started early into the evening and promptly cut into any/all discussions and hampering any socialization.

    With that said the demos themselves were once again great with a nice wide assortment of technology being shown. I think its really great to see such diversity going on here in the city with so many businesses showing unique and cutting edge technology that they have been developing. I think it certainly starts to highlight the fact that Edmonton is definately a hidden gem of the Canadian tech sector.

  2. At the end of the day, I love democamp. I love devs being able to showcase and get feedback on projects. I find there’s a real spirit of comraderie.

    As said above, so many awesome things coming out of Edmonton, in so many diverse fields, its always a treat.

    Thanks for the recap 😀

  3. This is definitely a great event. And thanks for the recap as well Mack, I was having trouble finding information about Attassa until coming to your blog!

  4. Would be great to find a post event venue that actually allowed conversation. Other than that I had a great time and it’s always interesting to see what is going on with local tech.

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