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Enough already Dave!

Anyone else sick of Dave Winer complaining about Adam Curry yet? I sure am. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for giving credit where credit is due, but you gotta draw the line somewhere. For those of you new to the situation, Dave is upset that Adam hasn’t given him proper credit for “inventing” podcasting…. Reads more »

Podcast Radio Station?

You’d think I would be excited about the launch of the world’s first “all-podcast radio station,” but instead I’m disappointed. San Francisco’s 1550 KYCY will now become KYOURadio and will feature content submitted by listeners. The problem? It’s not podcasting at all: In part because of licensing requirements, which usually cover only broadcast and streaming,… Reads more »

See you at Gnomedex!

Earlier this week Dickson and I registered for Gnomedex 5.0, taking place in Seattle from June 23rd to 25th. We’re really excited about the conference, and we’re looking forward to meeting a bunch of new people! If the conference is anything like Northern Voice, it should be a great time. We’re still working out the… Reads more »


Are you a Skypecaster? Apparently there are quite a few of you out there, sharing recordings over the Internet using the freely available Skype: Some evidence suggests that Skypecasters may be becoming more widespread, even though it requires a high level of technical know-how. The “implications are very disruptive,” according to the SkypeJournal, a well-known… Reads more »

Podcasting on CBC News: The Hour

CBC’s new current events news program The Hour recently ran a special segment on podcasting. Dawn and Drew are kindly hosting a video of the segment, so check it out! Among other things, the segment highlights “godcasting”, the so called religious group of podcasts. [Via Podcast Wizard Blog] [Tags: podcasting]

Introducing Podcast Tags!

I am very pleased to introduce a new service from Paramagnus called Podcast Tags! Now you can tag your podcast episodes with relevant keywords so that others can find them more easily! We’ve got a blog setup, and we’re looking for feedback, suggestions, and comments. Let us know!