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Space for Place: Placemaking in Edmonton

Today I had the opportunity to speak about place and placemaking at City Hall along with Jeff Chase, a Senior Planner at the City of Edmonton working on CITYlab. You may also know him as co-organizer of #yegsnowfight! The City of Edmonton’s Sustainable Development department has organized a few lunch & learn events for Edmonton’s… Reads more »

Google and NASA

When I first came across this story a couple days ago, I didn’t give it much thought. As soon as I saw NASA and Google in a story about them supposedly collaborating on various technology projects, I figured it was a joke. Turns out, it’s not. From the September 28th NASA press release: NASA Ames… Reads more »

Want to build a satellite?

What would you do if you could launch your very own satellite? What would you design your satellite to do? I don’t think I know enough about the possibilities to even hazard a suggestion! Check this out: An ambitious program called CubeSat, developed at Stanford University and California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, is… Reads more »

Return to Flight…Delayed

Just hours before the space shuttle Discovery was to take off, the launch was postponed. The NASA word for this is “scrubbed”: In a telephone conversation, a NASA spokeswoman at the Kennedy Space Center confirmed that no launch would happen Wednesday. “It has been scrubbed,” the spokeswoman said. Apparently there was a problem with a… Reads more »