Pluto: A Planet Again in 2009?

Post ImageAs I have said before, I think the demotion of Pluto is a good thing. I see nothing wrong in recognizing that assumptions of decades past (there are no more objects like Pluto) have been rendered false (there are in fact lots of objects like Pluto). However, as an article in The Economist points out, a lot of people seem to think Pluto should remain a planet:

Members of the public are also wielding the web. Sites such as and have been launched. Sales of “Pluto is a Planet” T-shirts are high. And a band called Jimmy and the Keyz has written a song called “They demoted Pluto”.

Okay, people are entitled their opinions. And I realize that humans can be quite sentimental. I had to laugh at how The Economist ended the article though:

Whether listening to public opinion is really the best way to arrive at scientific definitions is questionable. But there is a suspicion that the IAU’s leaders may cave in to the pressure and find an excuse to reinstate Pluto at the next general meeting, in 2009.

I find it really hard to believe that anyone will still care in three years time. I suspect most will have accepted the new system and forgotten all about the controversy.

Read: The Economist

9 thoughts on “Pluto: A Planet Again in 2009?

  1. Many, many of us will still care in 2009. We possibly may not have to wait that long, as Dr. Alan Stern and up to 1,000 astronomers plan on holding a conference to address this issue next summer.

  2. If Pluto isn’t a planet, then Neptune shouldn’t be either! Michael Brown just wanted to get his name in the history books. I hope they do keep him in there – for being an idiot. Make makes me really mad is the fact that he was able to make it ‘official’. That’s what happens when you take the science out of science.

  3. I care and it is now three years later. It is not sentimental. We have been taught certain things for many years and that is the way it should stay.

  4. there is signficant evidence to support the fact pluto isn’t a planet but just one of many large chunks floating in a belt. Its not a planet because then we would have to count the other LARGER than pluto chunks as planets too.

    The science hasn’t been taken out of science, and you learn new things everyday. Tab and Bill you’re both warped.

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