Telus Mobility surprises me with a free gift!

I received an interesting package in the mail today from Telus Mobility. A little white box with the phrase “Happy Anniversary” on the front was waiting for me! I opened it up to find a letter thanking me for being a customer since 2003. Actually, I’ve been a customer since 2000 but my first three-year contract was under my business partner’s name. I’ve written about Telus quite a few times on my blog, sometimes because of something bad, sometimes because of something good. This is obviously one of the good things!

Happy Anniversary from Telus Mobility

Wondering what was in the box? In addition to the letter, they sent me a three-in-one phone charger! It’s a pretty neat little gadget, plugs into the wall or a car outlet, and has a couple of cables with different connectors on it. And a little bag to store the cables in.

Letter from Telus Unboxing! 3-in-1 Phone Charger Cables & Charger

Thanks Telus! My current contract is up around November, and while it’s unlikely I’d have gone through the hassle of switching anyway, this makes it even easier to decide. Combined with some customer service improvements recently, Telus Mobility is starting to do more things right than wrong. Now if only they could get the cool new phones sooner 🙂

Telus Mobility Impresses

Post ImageAs you may know, my mobile phone provider is Telus Mobility. I have used them for years and for the most part, I’ve been content. Not excited, not angry, just content. I did write about some text message troubles I had back in January though, and noted:

…there was absolutely no wait time to talk to someone (minus the stupid speech recognition menu which took a couple minutes). This is a BIG improvement for Telus…normally you have to wait forever!

On Friday, I had another somewhat similar experience. My text messaging was not working as expected, so I called support. Right away I talked to a friendly lady who told me they were experiencing troubles in Alberta and B.C. with text message delivery. She connected me to network services anyway, to see if my problem was something more.

After about 15 minutes of waiting to talk to someone, I gave up. I hoped the problem was simply what the first lady had told me – temporary delays. Turns out she was right – my messages started working again late on Friday, and I started receiving a bunch of messages yesterday and today that were not delivered over the weekend.

As I walked in the door tonight around 7 PM though, it got even better! My cell rang and when I answered I was greeted by a recorded message from Telus Mobility. Turns out they were very sorry for the delay I had experienced Friday, and to apologize, they credited $5 to my account.

That’s the kind of thing that will make me a happy customer instead of a content customer. They went the extra mile. Well done Telus Mobility!

My new phone!

Post ImageNo longer will I be the target of “old phone” jokes! Today I finally replaced my aging Motorola Timeport with a brand new Motorola V710 (yes I happen to like Moto phones). I got the Timeport back in high school, and at the time it was a top of the line phone. It has served me well over the last 6 or so years, but lately the battery life has deteriorated, and it had started making weird buzzing noises. That and I’ve replaced the antenna twice already. Reception isn’t as good as the newer phones, and let’s face it, for someone who’s supposedly so technically inclined my Timeport was bad for the image!

My phone number is the same, in case you’re wondering. Here are some of the features of my new phone:

  • Bluetooth support!
  • Voice activated calling
  • Built-in 1.3 Megapixel digital camera with 4X digital zoom, and it captures video too
  • Speakerphone, MP3 player, picture, text and video messaging, etc.
  • Trimode, full color display and color outer display

I also picked up a Motorola HS820 Blueooth Headset today, and it works amazingly well with the phone. I can make and answer phone calls without ever touching the actual phone itself! It’s like geek heaven! I am also planning to pick up a USB Bluetooth adapter for my Tablet PC which should enable me to record audio using the headset (and talk on Skype) – will be an interesting podcasting application.

There are so many features on the new phone, it will take me a while to digest them. It comes with a number of different ring tones, unlike my old Timeport which had only one! However, as I said in my ring tones post, I just like simple ring tones, so that’s what I have it set to (actually vibrate and then ring). I’ve only had the phone for a few hours, but I already have some favorite features. One is the voice activated commands – very accurate. Another is the calendar which is avaiable with a single button press – so handy!

I feel like I have entered the modern age now. I can finally send and reply to text messages without loading up and navigating a clumsy browser interface!