UAMC Concert Last Night!

Last night was the University of Alberta Mixed Chorus concert, and I went with Dickson, Andrew, Joe, Nick, Lisa and Dave to watch Megan and Mike (or listen haha). The concert was really good, and I feel like a regular after attending for three consecutive years! Maybe I should win an award or something. The concert was at the wonderful Winspear center, where you can hear a pin drop.

After the concert we went to Boston Pizza with some of the choir people for some late eats and drinks. Good times, good times. And let me just point out for the record that we drank to Mack TWICE (or was it three times?), and drank to Nick, only once. Better luck next time! Maybe if you had a blog! HAHA!

2 thoughts on “UAMC Concert Last Night!

  1. thanks for coming out. sorry the girl you wanted is a whore…better luck next time. and I think you neglected to remember that we really didn’t drink to you, AND you got owned by Lisa of all people….lol šŸ™‚

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