Do blogs = pot?

Well tonight I was once again trying to entice Sharon into blogging. I explained to her that it would only take 30 seconds to set it up, and 30 seconds to make a quick “Hello World!” post. Here is what she said to that:

That’d be like giving pot to an unsuspecting 13 year old…all it takes is that one drag…

I agree blogging is addicting, but I don’t think its THAT potent! One day she will blog…it’s only a matter of time…

4 thoughts on “Do blogs = pot?

  1. I think Sharon’s standing firm on this issue from the last time I talked to her. If she ever blogs she’s going to go crazy on it!

  2. I agree. Look at this…I refused to blog and I am replying to all your posts.

    It’s addicting.

    Shit, shit, shit.

    Let me out!!!!!!!!!!!

    Imagine what would happen if I had a blog! People, for my sanity…don’t ask me to blog. Besides…I have better things to do…like sleep =)

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