Edmonton Oilers at Cineplex Odeon!

Tonight I went with Sharon to watch the Edmonton Oilers battle the Los Angeles Kings at South Edmonton Common. This is the second time the Oilers have offered a pay-per-view game at the theater (and once at the Jubilee) and it was quite amazing!

There is definitely something different about watching a game with a group of people. I mean at home, I cheer and stuff, but I don’t stand up for the national anthem! Though I suppose you should. At the theater, everyone stands up, even the hesitant ones. Interesting how the group dynamics take over. Its not the same as being at the game obviously, but it was still a pretty energized atmosphere! Sharon remarked that it was like being at the game and having commentary (and no drunk people).

One thing that was disappointing was the quality of the picture. I know it is being projected, but its not like its a regular cable feed either – its either digital satellite or digital cable. It was a little fuzzy, but I guess you only notice it when the game becomes slow (which it didn’t much tonight).

Sharon brought me a coke, which was nice as the theater only serves Pepsi, so at the second intermission I went to get nachos and asked her what she wanted. Her reply? “Hot water”. Of all the things to need in a theater! So I bring her a glass of steaming water and she makes tea. Picture someone making tea in a theater of hockey fans, most of whom would probably have had a cold one if they were being sold!

With the win, the Oilers move into eight place in the Western conference, and more importantly into the final playoff spot. Can’t wait to see Edmonton destroy Dallas on Wednesday! GO OILERS GO!

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