Jesus was a robot?

Now that I have your attention with my eye-grabbing headline, let me explain! Ananova (which USED to be a credible news aggregation source) has a news item that says a robot Christ was used to make Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. They go on to claim that Gibson plans to make another Bibilical epic based on a Jewish revolt in 200BC.

Do I believe this? Not for a second, but then again, who knows. It is a rather interesting idea though isn’t it? That the character of Jesus in the movie wasn’t portrayed by a human? Which means it couldn’t possibly have a religious conviction of its own? Something to think about. Of course, I could be wrong and robots might be able to develop their own religious convictions. I guess we’ll find out in Isaac Asimov’s “I, Robot” which comes out this year starring Will Smith.

Found via GizModo.

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