Seattle Trip Day #2

Well it was colder in Seattle today, at least I thought so! It was around 10 degrees, but still nice and sunny for most of the day. Today we were at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, you can read the geek related stuff here. The campus is really a lot bigger than I thought, easily covers more space than the University as far as I can tell!

Continuing a tradition Dickson and I started, I caught the very last MVP bus from the hotels at 7:30 am today. No idea how I made it up and out the door either. They had some awesome stuff in the sessions today, and I also saw some of the famous Microsoft fridges! Yes they had Pepsi crap, but there was also Coke, Vanilla Coke, Diet Coke, Diet Vanilla Coke, Diet Caffeine Free Coke, Cherry Coke, Cherry Diet Coke. Didn’t see any of the lemon or lime ones in the two fridges I saw. Also tons of other “sodas” (Kevin made fun of me when I said “pop” lol).

I discovered another Starbucks within walking distance of my hotel. This one is a block west and a block south – hadn’t looked in that area earlier. Speaking of Starbucks, I swiped a paper cup from the Starbucks in one of the cafeteria’s on campus as it has both the Starbucks and Microsoft logos on it! Thats cool too, Starbucks right on campus! Too bad the UofA doesn’t have that!

Tomorrow looks interesting, lots of important people speaking! And I don’t have to get up quite so early as the Convention Center is only a 5 minute walk from the hotel. That makes me happy, because these “heavenly” beds in my hotel room are AMAZING (all the stuff seems to be called heavenly, beds, soap, shampoo, etc). Hope you people back home are having fun in class! HAHA!

3 thoughts on “Seattle Trip Day #2

  1. I hope someone spits in your cream frothy corporate american java, BITCH!!!! hahahaha, and you’re missing out on the powerplant tomorrow, SUCKER!

  2. was it walking distance like in sydney, when we walked 45 min there and back, only to be bused back there? lol…..did you know that in seattle they don’t use whipped cream? they use hot steamy yogurt instead. and what are you talking about? what is this ‘class’ you speak of? crazy guy….like we’ve been in class….lol, actually i have….hehe

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