Seattle Trip Day #3

Not too much to say today as I was at the Summit events almost from the time I woke up until now. You can read the geek-related stuff here. Tomorrow will be my day to really see some more of Seattle as the sessions do not last quite so long, so I will write about my shopping adventures then.

In the meantime, check out some pictures I found of the Summit:

2 thoughts on “Seattle Trip Day #3

  1. I don’t think you should write about your shopping adventures unless you plan to bring people back things (like me). Haha, I’m not interested in what you buy for youself, jk! Take some pictures of those nice stores too!

  2. yeah, bring me back some…SUNGLASSES! Yeah! Or whatever I said before….lol, or something from the ORIGINAL starbucks…cause that’d be cool. And on Sunday (even though it’s easter) we’re going for coffee to celebrate the end of lent and the beginning of my caffeine addiction again. whee!

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