Seattle Trip Day #4

The last day of the Summit was today, you can read the geek-related notes here. I wish it had lasted longer! Read on with caution Jeanie!

Well it finally happened! I woke up late today, and did not get down to the lobby until around 7:45. Unfortunately, the last bus to Microsoft left at 7:30. Way to go Mack! you might be thinking, but wait! I wasn’t the only one who missed the bus, there was probably 15 – 20 MVP’s milling about in the lobby, trying to figure out how to get to campus. In the end, I took a towncar with three other MVP’s, and arrived with about 15 minutes to spare. So I missed breakfast, but as most of you know, I usually skip breakfast anyways. I also know why the buses leave so early now (6:30 to 7:30) – the traffic was intense this morning at 8:15.

I figured the events today wouldn’t go very long, but as it turns out, I didn’t get back to the hotel until around 5:45 this evening. That kinda sucks, considering lots of things close early here for some reason. For example, I found the original Starbucks (quite a small place, I have a picture) but it was already closed at 8 PM (I got there around 8:15). So my plan is to head down there tomorrow morning.

Instead I went to Barnes and Noble where they have a Starbucks inside (and another a block to the south, and another a block to the west – I have no idea how they all make money). A lot like Chapters, although this particular store was two levels, so things were laid out better (like Chapters on Whyte). As always, the coffee was good 🙂

Earlier in the evening, I went to a different Starbucks and had a Frappucino (Machiatto at B&N). I walked around downtown for quite a well, and ended up doing some shopping in the giant GAP, Old Navy, a souvenir shop, BON-macy’s, and I looked in a few other places. I plan to go into Nordstrom’s tomorrow morning before I leave, I could use a new pair of shoes! The downtown here is amazing, unlike Edmonton, though I suppose you could say that about most cities when compared to ours. Lots going on, lots of excellent stores, and it is surprisingly clean.

I found the most awesome, amazing, perfect shirt at Old Navy. I cannot believe such a shirt exists, but its incredible, and totally fits my projected personality! You’ll know what I mean when you see it (or more precisely, read it) 🙂

No more will I be confused when I hear people talk about making Spanish a second official language in the US. I would consider Seattle to be a northern city, not a place I would expect to find a large Spanish community, and yet after walking around for four or five hours, I was surprised at the amount of Spanish I heard! I have probably heard more Spanish here than I hear French in Edmonton – it escapes me why we have two official languages (spare me the history lesson Megan, I KNOW the historical reason lol).

I could definitely get used to Seattle/Redmond – the place is very awesome, great weather, lots of green, nice and clean for the most part, etc. Edmonton better get some green grass soon or I will go crazy after having been here for a week! One thing I definitely missed about Canada was our one and two dollor coins – the one dollar bills absolutely suck. The colored money back home is also extremely better, you don’t have to read to figure out the amount, and as we all know, its hard work to read! Aside from that however, I rather like Seattle 🙂

I will be back in town tomorrow evening around 9 PM. Too bad finals are coming up, that is going to suck. Thanks for reading and posting comments this week, I will post about my last day in Seattle tomorrow when I return. L8R!

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