The Big Redesign

If you’re reading this on the web, you’ve no doubt noticed that I
have a new look! I finally completed a site redesign that I started
back in January, and just never got around to finishing. There was
always too many things on the go, so I’d do little bits at a time.

Somewhere along the way, Community Server
was released, and I started using it for our Paramagnus blogs. I made
the decision to upgrade my blog from the old .Text, to the new
Community Server 1.0, and I completed that upgrade last night. It has
some really cool features, like Search (which you can get to on the
right). I used a really great conversion tool called DotTextCSConverter,
which has the unique ability to keep all of my post ID’s the same. This
means that hopefully, there should be no broken links! If you do notice
one, please let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.

As you can probably guess, I am still tweaking things. I have some
more things to add to the right, and some other changes to make,
especially if you give me some constructive feedback. One new thing is
the navigation bar at the top! You’ll notice it has a Podcast button –
this is not working yet. Also, the Gallery is still my old design, I
have not upgraded it yet (actually I probably won’t upgrade it, it will
simply be replaced). Everything else is using the new design now,

Here’s what I was going for with the redesign: a cleaner, more
professional look that didn’t completely drop the personal elements of
the site. Quite simply, my old site was getting far too cluttered and
messy. I hope you like the new design!

7 thoughts on “The Big Redesign

  1. again Mack, I am beyond impressed, I like the new layout, and I definitely think you hit the mark with a cleaner, less cluttered, professional look

    and although I saw it last night in draft form, I have to say, seeing it again, as a complete package, it’s totally awesome.

    Which makes me think, I should get on my website soon hey? I’ll swing by the office sometime, and beg you for help πŸ˜‰

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