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Top 10 Posts for 2012

Happy New Year! Here are the ten most viewed posts of 2012 on my blog: Your Guide to Summer Festivals & Events in Edmonton! The Past, Present, and Future of Food Truck Bylaws & Guidelines in Edmonton Edmonton’s City Market Downtown needs community representation Food, agriculture and the battle over Edmonton’s future growth Avenue Edmonton’s… Reads more »

Where you’ll find me over the next week!

Tonight is the first Truck Stop of the year and our first event in Old Strathcona! We’re actually holding a Truck Stop every Thursday night this month at McIntyre Park (8303 104 Street, aka Gazebo Park). The lineup and menu will change each week, so there’s definitely a reason to attend more than one! Here… Reads more »

Social Media Milestones

Over the last couple of months I have achieved a few nice-round-numbers with my online activities. I’m not sure why they all happened around the same time, but they have. Some recent milestones include: 3000 blog posts 9000 comments on my blog posts 30,000 tweets 10,000 followers on Twitter 500 lists on Twitter 1000 friends… Reads more »