Social Media Milestones

Over the last couple of months I have achieved a few nice-round-numbers with my online activities. I’m not sure why they all happened around the same time, but they have. Some recent milestones include:

  • 3000 blog posts
  • 9000 comments on my blog posts
  • 30,000 tweets
  • 10,000 followers on Twitter
  • 500 lists on Twitter
  • 1000 friends on Facebook
  • 13,000 photos on Flickr
  • 1,000,000 views on Flickr
  • 7500 posts on Tumblr (~2000 are as Edmonton Etc.)

What do these numbers mean? That I spend a lot of time online, I guess! I think they also reflect the length of time I have been blogging (2003), tweeting (2006), and posting photos (2005). A few of these numbers mean a lot to me, not because of the number itself but because of what it represents. I can’t even imagine how much time and energy those 3000 blog posts represent, but I’ve absolutely loved writing them! And I’m honored to be on more than 500 lists on Twitter.

Mostly though, when I think about these numbers, I think about the journey they represent and all of the amazing people I’ve met and things I’ve learned along the way. Roll your eyes if you must, but that’s the truth.

I wonder what this list will look like five years from now!

  • Anonymous

    Another milestone is having Gawker pick you as a their token white guy: