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#yeg turns ten

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the #yeg hashtag on Twitter. Here is the first #yeg tweet: #Edmonton Twitterers…our neighbours to the south have started using the hashtag #yyc to self organize…cool idea we should borrow? #yeg — Mack Male (@mastermaq) June 20, 2008 That’s probably the only time I have used #Edmonton! Ever since… Reads more »

Recap: 2014 Yeggies

On Saturday night at La Cité francophone the 2014 Edmonton New Media Awards, better known as the Yeggies, were handed out. This was our third annual event and with over 300 nominations across 16 categories, there was a lot of really excellent work to highlight! About 200 Edmontonians filled the room to help celebrate some… Reads more »

Media Monday Edmonton: Who’s on Instagram?

Lately I have been pretty interested in the many different ways that Edmontonians are using Instagram. Of course we use it to document the beautiful, the shocking, the curious, and yes the mundane, throughout our city. But does it have uses beyond that? Are the local media using it for news? Instagram itself seems keen… Reads more »

Media Monday Edmonton: Twitter Statistics

Though numbers are only one part of the story of how local media are using tools like Twitter, I find them interesting nonetheless. I have posted Facebook statistics for the local media a couple times, but never Twitter! In this post, I have taken a snapshot of the local media’s Twitter stats. The following numbers… Reads more »

Media Monday Edmonton: Facebook Statistics

It has been a year and eight months since I last looked at the local media’s Facebook statistics, so I figured it was time for an update! According to Facebook Ads, there are 580,000 people registered on Facebook who live in Edmonton, just 20,000 of whom are under the age of 18 (about 62% are… Reads more »

My Return to Podcasting: Mack & Cheese

Today I am excited to introduce a new project called Mack & Cheese. It’s a podcast that I’m doing with Graham Hicks, who I’m sure you know from his newspaper days. He’s the “cheese” in our duo, but is it because he’s cheesy or is it because he’s the big cheese? You decide! His five-times-a-week… Reads more »

The Yeggies will recognize and celebrate online content creators in Edmonton

Today was a very exciting day for Edmonton’s vibrant social media scene! Adam Rozenhart of The Unknown Studio (among other things) officially announced the Edmonton New Media Awards, a.k.a. “The Yeggies”: Edmonton has a particularly strong social media community. It’s quite remarkable, and I think pretty unique. I know other Canadian cities have enthusiastic social… Reads more »