Your Guide to Summer Festivals & Events in Edmonton!

For the 2016 edition, click here!

Exactly a year ago, I posted a listing of as many of the summer festivals happening in Edmonton as I could find. We truly are Festival City – there were 25 festivals in my initial list. Lots of people found it useful, so I thought I’d do the same again this year!

Once again powered by ShareEdmonton, here are a list of 29 festivals you can look forward to over the next few months, complete with iCal feeds and some basic social media information.

You’ll note that each one has a link to ShareEdmonton, where I list the festival dates and locations as accurately as possible. As I get more information I’ll update the listings.

Here’s the information for all festivals:

You can subscribe to that iCal feed using Outlook or your favorite calendar application. In Google Calendar, you can “Add by URL” and just copy/paste the iCal link above. I’m sure there are more festivals happening over the summer that I’ve missed. If your favorite isn’t on the list, let me know. If you subscribe to the iCal feed above, any new festival that gets added to the ShareEdmonton calendar will show up automatically!

Of course, ShareEdmonton has more than just festivals. You can also keep up-to-date on your favorite local sports teams:

There are hundreds of other events in the calendar too (for example, a listing of all the farmers markets). Check out the featured events listing or calendar for some of the highlights (or subscribe using iCal). If you know of an event that isn’t in the calendar, add it!

Happy summer!

6 thoughts on “Your Guide to Summer Festivals & Events in Edmonton!

  1. this site is horribly misinforming for the dates provided. click on the links provided for each festival to double check for the dates and times of the events. gave me bad info every event I was interested in. 

    thanks tho for posting all the events, and at least having links to them for further detals. 

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