Edmonton Notes for 6/5/2011

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:

104 Street Promenade
4th Street Promenade put up new banners this week!

The weather didn’t cooperate, but the Slut Walk went ahead anyway. Bill has some more photos here.

7 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 6/5/2011

  1. Just 1 question – should you not self-identify as an employee of teh City of Edmonton – or at least that all or most of your customer base are in fact in some why related to the City?  That would put some context to the cheer-leading.  I say that after recalling that the Edmonton Journal  had a distinctly different interpretation of the city’s position property tax and utility ranking.

    1. I do not work for the City, nor is the City one of my clients. I have no financial relationship of any kind with the City of Edmonton (except that I am a taxpayer, personal and business, of course).

      1. Seriously?  You spend all of this time commenting on City of Edmonton issues, project, press releases, City Hall Events, City Venues etc. etc. thru multiple blogs and software that I assume you have designed/cobbled together – that is almost exclusively full of City of Edmonton content – and you do this on your spare time? 

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