Top 10 Posts for 2010

Last year I posted a list of the top ten Edmonton posts written in 2009 on my blog by views and counts. I figured I’d do the same this year, with the top posts written in 2010.

Here are the top ten individual posts by views:

  1. Why Edmonton’s Teatro La Quindicina and actor Jeff Haslam will never get my business again
  2. Who’s behind Envision Edmonton?
  3. Alberta Budget 2010 website – security through obscurity
  4. Edmonton Neighbourhood Census Data
  5. Edmonton’s future leaders
  6. Open Data and Municipal Election Results
  7. Sneak Peek at the new Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton
  8. Edmonton Election 2010: Final Mayoral Forum Recap
  9. Edmonton’s Hot to Huddle 2010 Grey Cup Festival Kick-off!
  10. Edmonton City Centre Airport Design Competition Finalists

Of course, many people read via RSS or by simply visiting the home page which means its nearly impossible to know which post was actually the most read. That list is probably fairly close though.

Here are the top ten posts by comments. As expected, there is quite a bit of overlap:

  1. Who’s behind Envision Edmonton?
  2. Why Edmonton’s Teatro La Quindicina and actor Jeff Haslam will never get my business again
  3. Timeraiser returns to Edmonton with a WestJet giveaway!
  4. Sneak Peek at the new Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton
  5. Edmonton’s future leaders
  6. Edmonton Public Schools & Open Data
  7. Edmonton Neighbourhood Census Data
  8. Pecha Kucha Night: Edmonton #6
  9. Start offering bus service to EIA from Century Park!
  10. Alberta Budget 2010 website – security through obscurity

Thank you for reading and commenting this year! I’m looking forward to 2011.

Notes for 12/20/2010

I’m now on holidays until the New Year. Should be a good opportunity to get some work done Smile

Here are my weekly notes:

Notes for 12/11/2010

It has been over a month since my last notes post. The mini-break wasn’t on purpose! I like the weekly notes entry, because I can go back and see what I found interesting at any given point in time. Of course, you can always see what I’m reading in my Google Reader Shared Items (they also appear on the right column).

Here are my weekly notes:

PS. I’m really into Tumblr at the moment, despite their reliability issues. I’m blogging at Edmonton Etcetera.

Using Disqus for Comments

Today I switched the comment system for this blog to Disqus (“discuss”). You’ve most likely already used Disqus on other websites even if you didn’t realize it – they reach over 200 million people each month. Disqus is used by CNN, Fox News, TechCrunch, and many other popular websites. Their reach is all the more impressive when you consider that the company only started in 2007. Here’s how Disqus introduces itself:

DISQUS is a comments platform that helps you build an active community from your website’s audience. It has awesome features, powerful tools, and it’s easy to install.

There are a number of features that Disqus provides that are quite compelling. As a blogger, you get threaded comments, inline media embedding, social integration, mobile support, email support, and much more all “out of the box”. All of that is now available here, on this blog.

Installation was simple – just download the plugin, activate it, and login. One of the primary reasons I felt comfortable switching to Disqus was its integration with WordPress. All new comments will appear in both Disqus and my WordPress database, which means I can remove Disqus at any time without losing any data. All existing comments are now in Disqus too. That process was somewhat trickier – the automatic importing didn’t work properly for me, so I had to manually export some comments from WordPress, and then import them into Disqus. Even that didn’t take much effort though.

Disqus also has really simple integration with Tumblr, so I am using it for comments on my Edmonton Etcetera blog as well.

You can learn more about Disqus at their blog. If you’re a developer, check out the API documentation (I’ll be looking into that more).

Hope you enjoy the new comment experience here!

Notes for 11/8/2010

Here are my weekly notes:

Notes for 10/31/2010

Here are my weekly notes:

Sharon with the new mailboxes!
Sharon likes the new Canada Post mailboxes!

Notes for 10/11/2010

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada! Here are my weekly notes:


Notes for 10/3/2010

Here are my weekly notes:

Edmonton Legislature Grounds During Fall
Fall is definitely here, though we had some warm weather this weekend. This photo was taken yesterday by Oscar D.

Notes for 9/27/2010

Here are my weekly notes:

Downtown Edmonton Sunrise
There was a pretty awesome sunrise in Edmonton on Sunday morning!

Sylvan Star CheeseBles Wold
Sharon and I spent all day Sunday on the Slow Food Edmonton Dairy Farm Tour! We visited Sylvan Star Cheese and Bles Wold Yogurt. You can see all of our photos here.

Notes for 9/19/2010

Here are my weekly notes:

San Francisco
Couldn’t resist a photo at the Twitter offices when I was in San Francisco 🙂