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Notes for 11/8/2010

Here are my weekly notes: Everyone hates Ticketmaster – but no one can take it down. Looks like the Olympics paid off! Canada is now the top brand among about 100 countries. This sounds oddly intriguing: The Anthology of Rap. I have been using Longreads lately, and I think it’s useful. The NYTimes wrote about… Reads more »

Notes for 10/31/2010

Here are my weekly notes: Apparently Netflix now accounts for one-fifth of all American network traffic during the busiest time of day. Everything has a cost, however, and some estimate that Netflix is spending up to $2 billion for the content rights. What a quarter for Microsoft! Great post by Michael Arrington on entrepreneurs. Are… Reads more »

Notes for 10/11/2010

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada! Here are my weekly notes: Probably my favorite article of the week: There’s no such thing as “cyberbullying”. “There’s only the cruelty in all of us, and the cowardice of making words to hide from it.” In case you missed it, Gap redesigned its logo. And it struck a… Reads more »

Notes for 10/3/2010

Here are my weekly notes: This is awesome: Google Street View is now available on all seven continents. That’s right, you can see the penguins! Why the IPv4-to-IPv6 transition will be ugly. Let’s hope that article is wrong. Here’s an incredibly thorough post from MailChimp on the first year as a freemium service. From ReadWriteWeb:… Reads more »

Notes for 9/27/2010

Here are my weekly notes: Why Blockbuster’s success in Canada is a bad news story: “Blockbuster in Canada is profitable not because it has been innovative. Not because it has reinvented itself in a digital era. Not because it has been visionary. Blockbuster is okay because the innovations and services that have devastated its southern… Reads more »

Notes for 9/19/2010

Here are my weekly notes: I like new logos. Can’t explain why. Here’s the new IE 9 logo. Sounds like my kind of book: How to Measure Anything. Never thought I’d see this – an API from the Yellow Pages! Civic Commons is an exciting and important project. Can’t wait to see it evolve. Tomorrow… Reads more »