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Notes for 8/29/2010

Here are my weekly notes: Really interesting introductory piece by Arthur Brisbane, the new Public Editor of the New York Times. In case you haven’t seen it yet, take some time, and read this New Yorker article on the Koch brothers, “the billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama.” I would say the… Reads more »

Notes for 8/23/2010

Here are my weekly notes: I’ve been really busy with work lately. Among other things, I’ve been exploring/using:,, TFS 2010. If you believe the stats, the 5 billionth device will plug into the Internet sometime this month. IPv6 anyone? Facebook apparently isn’t happy about the new movie The Social Network. Which only makes… Reads more »

Notes for 8/9/2010

I was pretty exhausted last night, so here are my weekly notes a little later than normal: A couple weeks ago I got defensive on behalf of next generation leaders here in Edmonton. The following week, Marty Forbes and I went for lunch to chat. In today’s Edmonton Sun, Marty wrote: “I am indeed confident… Reads more »

Notes for 8/2/2010

Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! Here are my weekly notes: I think it’s amazing that, thanks to advances in technology, we can even take a stab at answering questions like this: What if the Earth stopped spinning? Is radical transparency compatible with total anonymity? That’s the WikiLeaks paradox. Remember the movie Helvetica? Jason describes… Reads more »

Notes for 7/25/2010

Without really intending to, it seems I took a week-long break from blogging! Should be back to normal now. Here are my weekly notes: Congratulations to my sister, who got engaged this week! As of Wednesday morning, Facebook hit the 500 million active users mark. Pretty amazing. Have you seen the terrible BP photoshops? I… Reads more »

Notes for 7/19/2010

After a small accident yesterday I spent four hours in the emergency room, finally getting home just after midnight with fourteen stitches in my hand. Not surprisingly, that meant I didn’t post my weekly notes. Here they are: A recent article in the New York Times said that the government should step in to regulate… Reads more »

Notes for 7/11/2010

Here are my weekly notes: Spain won the World Cup today, defeating the Netherlands by a final score of 1-0. We call it soccer here, but I was surprised to learn that the word “soccer” is actually a British creation! I love this: Confirming The Exact Location Where the Web Was Invented. Why? Who cares?… Reads more »

Notes for 7/4/2010

Happy Independence Day to everyone south of the border! Here are my weekly notes: The last week feels like it was three. Sharon and I were busy moving out of my old apartment and into the new condo. I’ll be writing more about that later this week. Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 3 was released… Reads more »