Edmonton’s Hot to Huddle 2010 Grey Cup Festival Kick-off!

Tonight the 2010 Grey Cup Festival officially started here in Edmonton with a big kick-off party outside City Hall. Hundreds of people braved the cold to see the Grey Cup in person, to experience the flashmob and fireworks, and to get a first look at Huddle Town.

Purolator delivered the “special guest” that everyone was hoping to see.

2010 Grey Cup Festival Kickoff

There were fans of all teams on hand to celebrate!

2010 Grey Cup Festival Kickoff

With the Zipline in the background, everyone listened for the official kick-off of the festivities.

2010 Grey Cup Festival Kickoff

After the dignitaries had spoken, there was a big flashmob on the CN field (I suppose no one saw it coming, but the large group of people lined up on the field, with security preventing others from joining in, made it clear that something was up…not to mention the volunteer for the flashmob page on the website).

2010 Grey Cup Festival Kickoff

Fireworks quickly followed the entertaining dance number!

2010 Grey Cup Festival Kickoff

The trophy was so close you could almost touch it.

2010 Grey Cup Festival Kickoff

The end of the kick-off program meant the official opening of Huddle Town, the giant heated tent in Churchill Square.

2010 Grey Cup Festival Kickoff

Meanwhile, a Peewee football game was played on the CN field.

2010 Grey Cup Festival Kickoff

Here’s an overhead shot of City Hall and Huddle Town.

2010 Grey Cup Festival Kickoff

The festival is now officially underway!

You can see upcoming events at the official site (when it works) or at ShareEdmonton (and subscribe to the iCal here). You can see the rest of my photos from the evening here.

Ready, set, huddle!

  • Wow such pretty pictures Mack!

  • Thanks! I’m pleased with how they turned out.

  • Great pictures of a super opening of a major PARTY!
    Go Roughies!!

  • Great photos Mack! I as looking at the Grey Cup guide but didn’t see anything about where we can view the cup itself. Do you know if there is there somewhere that we can get our picture taken with the Grey Cup?

  • Julie

    Great pics! I was in the flash mob and it was sooooo much fun!

    Karen, I know the cup will be making appearances all over the city.

    I’d try tonight at the Spirit of Edmonton, it’s usually there on the Thursday nights.

  • Marc

    Haha good stuff Mack. The flashmob was a challenge in trying to keep a surprise but also recruit a thousand people

  • Thanks everyone!

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