Edmonton Notes for 11/28/2010

Today was the big day – the 98th Grey Cup took place at Commonwealth Stadium, and the Montreal Alouettes defeated the Saskatchewan Roughriders for the second year in a row. You can see my recap of the kickoff party here, and my recap of the parade here. My photos of the festival are here.

I’m still posting Edmonton-related stuff throughout the week at Edmonton Etcetera.

Here are my weekly notes:

Santas Anonymous
Sharon and I joined a bunch of other Twitter volunteers at the Santas Anonymous warehouse on Friday evening.

2010 Grey Cup Festival Kickoff
City Hall, all lit up for the Grey Cup festival kickoff.

2010 Grey Cup Festival
Look at that, an event in the space behind the library! Why can’t we have more of those?

2010 Grey Cup Festival
Though we definitely had some help from the milder weather, it was great to see so many people downtown this week.

5 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 11/28/2010

  1. After the gong show that was ETS / LRT tonight after the Grey Cup, no wonder Ottawa decided not to fund Expo 2017 in Edmonton; Edmonton is no where near ready for the big time.

    No one should have to wait more than an hour to catch an LRT to downtown.

    On a positive note, it was great seeing so many people downtown on the weekend! We need action like that downtown every weekend.

  2. One big reason why the space behind the library doesn’t host more events is because there are weight limitations. The patio is the roof of the parkade and can’t support enormous weights – like trucks and cars, for example. Tents and people, on the other hand, are just fine.

  3. Cod father: Apples and oranges. Moving 60,000 people at the same time is a challenge for any system. Moving a larger number of people over a 90-day period is a completely different kettle of fish.

  4. Chris: It can’t support the weight of a car but it can support the weight of hundreds of people and all that goes along with that? Plus, there were cars inside that tent, on the far right.

  5. From the experience in Vancouver Olympics, 60,000 people at the time is pretty normal in major event like that. It’s like having three hockey games every day. It’s starts to get busy at 7 and it doesn’t let down until 10pm+.
    -Josh (www.BestCanadianDeals.com)

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